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Amateur Radio Station VK2FC
My name is Glen Millen and I live
in Maitland, New South Wales,
Australia. Electronics and
especially radio have always
been of interest to me, Like
many, I started this hobby when
I was a young boy with a crystal
set broadcast band receiver.
Afterwards by experimenting on
various HF frequencies and for a
short while on the 11 meter CB
band. In the early 70’s I started
studying for my Ham Radio
licence. I passed the then
'limited' licence examination at
the local Radio Inspector's Office
in 1973 and got my first callsign
"VK2YAU" a few weeks later. Many years on, in the ninties, I did the morse code at 10 WPM and
received my unrestricted licence and the callsign "VK2GME". I’ve always had on & off periods with my
radio hobby, but once you have the radio “bug” it never ever seems to go away completely. I very
much like home building various stuff, and for me this is an essential part of my interest in this
hobby besides making QSO’s. Hope you find something of interest in these pages. If you have
question or remarks feel free to contact me via the email icon on the left.
A current homebrew project is the "Progressive Receiver", a 1981 QST Project -   Click Here
QTH - Maitland, NSW. Australia
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