A 160 Metre Band AM/SSB Receiver
I've been accumulating some of the hard-to-find parts needed for this project for a while now.  I believe I have enough to make a start. The circuit is based on one published in "Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur" beginning on page 132. It is hoped to be a more compact build than my Progressive Receiver which is described on another page.

I've acquired some CA3028A integrated circuits and some miniature 455KHz I.F. transformers. The JW Miller types specified are no longer available. The VFO PCB has been built and tested. I've also found a suitable dial in my junk box. It is similar in appearance to the one used in the original article.
Tuesday, 12th June 2018
A Homebrew 160 Metre AM & SSB Superheterodyne Receiver