An SA-612 Six Metre Rx Converter
A Receiving Converter based on the SA-612 IC
Antenna Connection on Left
Antenna Connection on Right
PCB Underside

I built this receiving converter in December of 2018. I found the circuit by doing a Google search which led me to the ON6MU web site. Actually I found many circuits but for some reason this one appealed to me.  Again I made a PCB using Express PCB and the iron-on method. The 50MHz RF & mixer stage is an SA612 integrated circuit followed by a 2N3904 post mixer amplifier at 28 MHz. It's debatable as to whether the 2N3904 stage is required in my case but may be helpful if the receiver being used as the tunable I.F. does not have an R.F. amplifier at 28MHz.

I have not enclosed my converter in a case as yet but I have tested it by listening to the local six metre beacon some 30 kilometres away. I can hear the beacon without an antenna!

To suit my needs I did change some component values such as the output coupling capacitor. It is 10pF in my version whereas it was 270pF in the original. I found the lower value reduced the no signal noise floor in my receiver but did not reduce a signal's strength when one was present. 

The original source for this project and all of the info needed to build this converter can be found at the link below.

Page last updated on 2nd Aug, 2020