Collins 75A-4 Receiver Restoration Project
Page last updated 31st May, 2018
My 75A-4 receiver is undergoing an external 'facelift' as well as replacement of some of the components which are now many years old.  This receiver had suffered some superficial damage in 2010 when some home intruders knocked it off the shelf where it resided. Most damage was paint and broken glass on the front panel.  In 2014 the case was removed from the radio, packed up and sent to Howard Mills, W3HM in the U.S.A. who specialises in radio restorations including refinishing Collins 75A-4 enclosures.

The refinished cabinet panels arrived a few months later in 2014 and no further progress has been made. up until recently. This delay mainly due to other projects and work commitments. Recently I've replaced some of black 0.1uF capacitors which are used mainly for D.C. supply rail bypass purposes. I have acquired a replacement S-meter as well as a new piece of dial glass.

I'll update this page as my current project, "A Progressive Communications Receiver" nears completion.
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The Collins 75A-4 Receiver