An 80 Metre Ham Band Receiver
Amateur Radio Station VK2FC

Page last updated 13 April 2018
I've been working on an 80 metre receiver which is based on the circuit of the Elecraft K2. The front end, I.F. amplifier, AGC amplifier of my build is almost identical.  However, I chose to use 9MHz as  the I.F. frequency.  An AD9850 DDS VFO was chosen for the local oscillator. The AD9850 is followed by an amplifier and a filter to achieve the required mixer injection level. Each section has been put on its own printed board and all mounted on a piece of scrap aluminium for testing. The results have been encouraging and I'll progress the project in some form as time permits.

The receiver's 80 metre bandpass filter was built on a separate PCB with the idea in mind to one day make this a multi-band receiver.
The photo displayed below shows the current state of this project.