ARRL Six Metre Rx Converter
RF Amplifier & Mixer
22MHz Oscillator with Tx Mixer Output
RF & Oscillator Enclosures
A Receiving Converter from the Handbook
I built this converter in 1986 as an adjunct to the 3 Watt transmitting converter also featured in an ARRL Handbook of that era. The receive converter worked just as expected but I always had issues with the 3 Watt MRF476 P.A. stage of the transmitting converter 'blowing up' after a very short period of use. The other stages worked just fine. Back then I owned a Kenwood TS-430S HF transceiver which was being used as the tuneable I.F.  Time passed and the TS-430S was sold and I ran out of ideas to resolve the multiple MRF476 failure issue. The MRF476 transistor became hard to get and or expensive so I have not pursued a resolution further.
Fast forward to 2018 and I now have a few used MRF476 transistors which have been removed from commercial radios so one day I may get interested again in learning why they were failing. If I do find the reason, I may finish the complete transverter project!

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