ARRL Six Metre Tx Converter
A Transmitting Converter from the Handbook
The images below are of the ARRL 3 Watt transmitting converter featured in the 1989 ARRL Handbook. It has an output level of +16dBm. A 22MHz oscillator and a 28MHz signal from a transceiver is fed into an SBL-1 balanced mixer. The output is filtered and amplified in class A with 3 discrete transistor stages. The first a 2N5179 and followed by the bandpass filter then 2 x 2N5109 transistors.
The PCB below is the 3 Watt linear amplifier for the ARRL transverter mentioned above. This circuit was also part of the same ARRL project. It's been sitting in my junk box since the 1980's. I have fitted another MRF476 transistor and have tested it in conjunction with the transmitting converter above. It produces 3 Watts just as described in the article.

I plan to fit the receiving converter and this transmitting converter along with the 3 Watt PA stage into one cabinet to make a compact six metre transverter.

Page last updated on Aug 2nd, 2020

This circuit board was made over 30 years after I made the 3 Watt linear amplifier pictured further down the page.

The original version was built on a piece of tin plate using point to point wiring

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