The Softail Standard
The Heritage Softail
The Fatboy
I'used the Heritage Softail above for some of my longer road trips around NSW and Qld. as it has more luggage space and the seating is more comfortable when I option up.
The Fatboy is a 2003 model with an 88 cubic inch engine. This model year was prior to the six speed transmissions being introduced however I had a Baker 6 speed gearbox fitted after I bought it in 2013. The Fatboy had only travelled 5000 kilometres when I acquired it.
The Softail Standard has been heavily customised as many are. It's a nice ride.
I've been riding motorcycles on and off since a teenager in the mid-seventies. A small Suzuki motorcycle with a 120cc engine was my first mode of transport after leaving school and getting a job at a TV repair shop 25 kilometres from home. The novelty of riding everyday soon wore off after my first Winter of riding to and from work in all kinds of weather even though our Winters are relatively mild compared to some places.

I bought my first Harley Davidson in 1992.  It was a 1991 model known as a 'Superglide'. I rode it to Cairns and back twice in the years I owned it. It's a 5000 kilometer return trip and I recall it rained the whole way home on trip back south to Newcastle in 1994. I was so pleased to get home and dry out!  In 1996 we moved to Cairns in Far North Queensland for work and later that year the Harley was sold and replaced with a Toyota Troop Carrier. I did not ride a motorcycle again until 2011 when I bought the black coloured Harley Softail Standard below.

I'm a member of HOG International as well as the local Newcastle Chapter.
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