Thanks for dropping into my space on the web. My name is Glen and I became intrigued with Amateur Radio long before I was first licensed in 1973. These web pages are intended to provide some insight of my more recent activities & interests in this hobbyI've been employed as two-way radio technician for most of my working life and witnessed many technological changes since the day in 1973 when first employed as an apprentice TV & radio technician in a small business located not far from my current QTH. It  has been a period of huge technological advances for the electronics industry as well as amateur radio. In my opinion, the advances in technology have not all been positive for this hobby and the radio/electronics service industry in general, but that's progress as they say.
At present I'm restoring, repairing or building (AKA home-brewing) amateur radio equipment rather than getting on-air regularly. These web pages are intended to document some of my projects to share with other like-minded radio enthusiasts.

Have a look around!
QTH - Horseshoe Bend, Maitland. NSW

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My "Progressive Receiver" 1981 QST Project -
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Amateur Radio Station VK2FC
Amateur Radio Station VK2FC